Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bring on the Blue

I love the colour in this room by Pheobe Howard! So fresh! It's making me want Summer to come even faster.

You may have noticed my absence for the past week, with out warning too! I've been thinking a lot about this blog and I'm not certain I should be devoting anymore time to it. You see, my life is going to change soon with me going back to my regular seasonal job in the very near future. This cuts down a lot of my blogging time. As a person who seeks to put my family and friends first, I feel the need to back out of this blog so as to devote time to the proper things. I will leave the blog public and you may find a new post occaisionally if I'm feeling inspired by something.

I have so appreciated all the wonderful comments I have received! Thank you! I will not be gone from the internet all together. (I could never do that!) You can still catch me on Twitter and at my other blog Simply Frugal in Canada. (I'm choosing to keep going at this blog at this time in my life as it's easier to maintain.)

Again, thank you so much and I will see you around!

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