Saturday, January 10, 2009

All You Wanted to Know About Vinegar

I love plain old white vinegar. It's delightful! :) I like to use vinegar for all sorts of things. Cleaning, since it's a natural disinfectant. Cooking, because some recipes call for it. Gardening, so it kills all those pesky aphids on my roses.

My favorite ways to use it right now are as a floor cleaner and a drain unclogger!

For the floor cleaner I fill a bucket with hot water, add some vinegar and my secret ingedient...a few drops of essential oil! You can't smell the vinegar once it's dry and the essential oils act as a bit of aromatherapy while you're cleaning!

My drain cleaner method works really well. I thought I would try to get one of our sinks to drain a bit faster by pouring a bunch of baking soda, then by adding an equal part of vinegar. This would be fun for kids! After the vinegar and baking soda calm down, pour a bunch of boiling hot water down the drain. I was so pleased with the results! This is also a great way to freshen the drain.

Since vinegar is a disinfectant and natual cleaner, I like to use it to clean the tiles in the washroom. (I don't do this very often because well, I don't like cleaning that much!)

You know that expensive Jet Dry shine stuff you throw in your dishwasher? Well vinegar works great as a cheap replacement! Trust me, that's what I do.

According to this neat website I found in my searching, you can use vinegar on your hands to take away onion smell. I wonder if it would work for garlic too? I'll have to try!

So tell me, what do you like to do with vinegar?

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