Monday, January 19, 2009

The Lamp Search is Over

I've been on the hunt for a lamp to go beside my husband's side of the bed for a very long time. The searching finally came to an end this weekend. I actually bought two, so we match. The searching was hard for me because I'm, shall we say, thrifty. Okay I'm cheap but I want good quality stuff! Not easy to fulfill my wants.

My Mom and I were browsing this weekend at our local mall when I spotted these real crystal base lamps. I was only going to get one, when Mom convinced me to go all out. 59.99 each. Canadian dollars. I thought that was a good price to pay. I'm setting them up today. And I'm going to love them forever...

What's one item you've been finding hard to find?

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Troischats said...

Thanks for your nice comments about my soapy things, Delighted! I think your new handbag is just lovely, not to mention these two great lamps. Good on you for the splurge, when you find something you REALLY like you should always find a way to get it!