Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hooked on Faucets

I thought I would join in on Julia's Hooked on Friday post. The idea of the party is to post about something that we're hooked on. Sounds fun!

For me, I'm totally hooked on kitchen faucets. My husband and I are going to be doing a few minor upgrades in our kitchen in the near future. Top priority is to replace our rotting orange counter top. And yes, it's just as lovely as it sounds, (sense the sarcasm!) Second priority is the leaky, wobbly faucet. I've got everything decided, except the faucet. My problem is, the fact that I'm "thrifty". Decent faucets are not cheap. I went the cheap route last time and now it's leaky and wobbly. One other factor is, we own a town home, not a forever home.

Enough chit chat. Lets get on to delightful pictures of my obsession!

This one's pretty! Pretty hefty price tag too!

This one is neat too, but a bit too modern for my taste.
I quite like this but I'm not a fan of two levers

I absolutely love this restaurant style! Too pricey though.

So far, I think I'm leaning towards something like this. Single lever, plain, pull out sprayer and chrome. Boring, but will appeal to more buyers when it comes time to sell our condo.

So tell me, what do you think?


Troischats said...

Hi Delightful, I love your blog! It's so fresh and pretty, not to mention upbeat. Keep posting, I'll keep reading!

Gigi said...

My favorite faucet style is similar to the last one, except the faucet itself pulls out to be the sprayer, which eliminates the small sprayer. Does that make sense?

Mia said...

I love them as well. I prefer the oldy worldy type, so no 3 is my favorite. However, I would also like to have no 4. :)

Have a great weekend!

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

I'm pretty sure that I have that facet in one of my bathrooms! I know it's hard to decide! You see so many styles, but you have to make sure you're gonna like it for years! You can't just change them!

maya | springtree road said...

i like the last one best! especially if the price is right. :)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I really enjoyed this post because getting a new kitchen faucet is on my (long) list of house projects for 2009. The one I have now is a cheapo builder grade one and I'd love to have something really beautiful in its place. I think the restaurant-style faucet is fun. I wonder if my kitchen could pull that off? (Or if my pocketbook could!)

Thanks for joining my blog party! :-)

Gayle said...

Wow, the restaurant style faucet is so cool! But I think you are making the right decision with the less expensive one, since you will be selling.

PLO said...

I need a new kitchen faucet, so bad! I love the resturaunt one, it would be very practical for me!!! But...they are all lovely!